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Are Private Drum Lessons the Way to Go?

Private Drum Lessons

Trying to learn to play the drums can be a huge pain. The movements and techniques can be difficult to pick up, and if you don’t have any previous musical training, everything seems confusing. This isn’t to mention that it is also a large financial cost to start, especially if you don’t know if you’ll stick with it. So yes, learning drums is challenging, but what if there was a way to keep going and learn quicker?

The answer is private drum lessons. Where you and a (hopefully) professional teacher meet roughly once a week to learn drums. As we will discuss, there are many reasons private drum lessons are the best option.

Private Drum Lessons Tailored Just For You

Probably the best reason to grab a private drum instructor is the fact that they will be able to give you custom drum lessons that fit you perfectly. Seasoned instructor Duran Ritz says, “The best drum instructors out there have the ability to look at your drumming and teach you exactly what will help you learn the fastest.”

With private lessons, you gain the ability to tell your teacher what you want to learn, and what your goals are. This allows the drum teacher to structure their lessons exactly to what you are looking for.

When dealing with online lessons, this can be a bit of a problem since you have no interaction with the instructors. They might be giving you good information, but without the ability to ask them questions directly, you might run into issues.

Imagine if you were learning from a video and you didn’t understand something the instructor told you. Well, now you don’t have the ability to ask them a question. This could mean that the rest of the video doesn’t make any sense, or even worse, you might think they meant something that could be entirely wrong!

Regular Check In’s

Drum lessons in person allow for regular check-ins regarding technique which can alleviate bad habits. This is especially important because when bad techniques sneak in, they can make learning very difficult.

When drumming, technique is essential due to how motion focused the instrument is. If your stroke is wrong, you won’t be able to hit the drum properly. If you can’t hold the sticks right, you won’t even be able to play at all.

Drum lessons give you a chance to have a professional analyze your technique and provide insights on what to improve. Additionally, they can address problems right there on the spot, as opposed to you going on forums and reading books to alleviate the issue.

Continued Learning

One of the best reasons to take drum lessons in person is that it will keep you motivated. When you know that you have to visit your teacher every week, you practice more because you don’t want to disappoint them.

Additionally, you know that you don’t want to waste your money and your teacher’s time. This keeps you motivated to keep learning, because it’s a waste otherwise.

A good teacher should also inspire you to learn rather than force you to practice. If you have found the correct teacher, you will find that you want to keep practicing and learning. By seeing this same teacher every week, you have goals set forward that will keep you learning.

Convenient Locations, or Comfort of Your Own Home

A bonus for private lessons is that you can find a teacher in your city. No matter where you live, you should be able to find a drumming instructor that can help you out.

If you are so inclined, a lot of music schools now offer in home lessons as well. This is where the teacher will drive to your location and teach you out of their own home. Now you don’t even need to wear pants while you learn (although you probably should).

Pick Your Favorite Teachers

An advantage of finding lessons in your own city is that you get the chance to choose from a ton of different teachers throughout the city. Most online drum lessons offered will force you to learn from whatever instructors they have on their website. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes this isn’t what you’re looking for.

With in person drum lessons, you’ll be able to scour your hometown and look for the best available teacher. Hopefully this is a drummer that you really like, which will make things even better.

Private Drum Lessons are Fun!

At the end of the day, the goal is to learn something new, and lessons in person are the most fun way to do it. A good teacher should be inspiring, great at helping you out, but also a fun person to learn from.

Without fun learning, you won’t stick with it, and you won’t progress.

So just keep with it, find your favorite drummer, and ask if they’ll teach you to play just like them! You won’t regret it! And if you’re looking for Vancouver Drum Lessons, you can always check in here:

Is Losing Weight Fast Healthy?

Is losing weight fast healthy? I think most people would immediately say “yes”, especially if you are severely over weight to begin with. But, the real question is whether or not it is healthy for you to lose weight at an accelerated pace. As the body is an interesting place where a lot of different things can happen, if you are planning on going on a quick crash diet or getting lap band surgery, you should know the longer term effects.

H0w Easy is it to Lose Weight Quickly?

Lose weight fastNow, losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time isn’t as hard as it used to be. Given modern exercise and diet techniques, an overly large individual can begin to shed pounds quicker than ever before (I won’t bring attention to the fact that we are also heavier than we ever have been before. But we can save that for another day). There are also dozens of products out there such as Pure Asian Garcinia, or other Garcinia Cambogia miracle pills that will aid in the speed of fat loss as well. If you are interested in trying a few of those out, head to this Pure Asian Garcinia Review to see if it’s right for you.

But, what happens to your body when you lose all that weight so fast?

Skin Sagging

Have you ever seen an old friend after they have lost a lot of weight very fast? Sometimes, especially if you haven’t seen that friend in a few months, they will look great in the sense that they are much skinnier, but they will also look emaciated and sickly. This is usually because they’re skin hasn’t had a chance to tighten up to their new bodies. Skin is an organ that is very adaptable and can stretch quite a long way. When you are overweight, you have an excess amount of skin which is created to cover your larger body. When you lose all that weight, the excess skin still remains and has no where to go other than to hang loosely off of your body. This is why a lot of extremely obese people have to schedule in regular skin removal surgery while they are losing weight. This type of surgery is unideal since it will leave you with large scars all around your body. Rapid fat loss is nice, but having a bunch of unappealing loose skin is something to think about.

Heart Problems

The heart is a powerful organ. It controls the entire body, and fuels every single part of you with blood. This blood needs to be circulated constantly in order to keep it fresh, warm, and healthy. When a person is overweight, their heart has to work overtime. Not only does the heart need to pump blood through all of the newly created skin cells, but also needs to overcome the large amount of fat that is clogging up the main arteries. When someone loses a lot of weight, either through an altered diet, exercise, or using garcinia pills, sometimes they do not take in account how hard their heart is still working. Sometimes the heart hasn’t adjusted to your new body yet, and it might still be working overtime. This may result in some people indulging in activites that may be too strenuous for the heart to handle in the first place. Making your heart work too hard is one of the main reasons people have heart attacks. If you lose weight quickly, you must make sure that your heart is ready to handle the amount of energy and exercise that you will begin to engage in.


Although there are a few issues with losing weight quickly, I would venture to say that most people would be happy to lose a few pounds fast. While it is easier today to do so than it ever has been, with the problems of skin sagging, and an over-worked heart, you could run into a little bit of trouble. But, I think that those problems can be quickly fixed, usually through skin removal surgery, and regular exercise, and there are many ways to do so safely. Overall, you will live longer and feel much better about yourself if you lose weight. So, do yourself a favor, and begin getting healthier today!